Camera's & optische apparatuurveiling (analoog 1900-1950)

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Ed van Mil

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Edwin Molenaar

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Ihagee "Kine Exakta I". The first SLR camera 24х36 made "Ihagee" 1937. The first production, in the title is written the letter "C", and not "K", as in other later models.

The exterior is vintage, gorgeous.The viewfinder is clean, the image is excellent. The self-timer works fine, the lens is in good working condition, the mirror is covered in some places with a coating (amalgam), the shutter closes not always correctly, sometimes remains at the middle of the light and needs to press the shutter button a second time - and it immediately perfectly closed. Meer

"Kiev-3А" USSR "Arsenal" 1954.

Super rare camera. The exterior is vintage, gorgeous. The camera shows all the signs of full performance, workable, but the shutter does not reach the end of the opening, the exposure meter, naturally, no longer responds to the light. Meer

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