Theodoor Galle (1571-1633) - Death as a skeleton attacking man + Conversion - 1603

Theodoor Galle (1571-1633) - Death as a skeleton attacking man + Conversion - 1603
A pair of prints with Image and text engraved

Theses engravings were issued in Jan David (ca.1545–1613).Christeliicken waerseggher.Antwerp: Jan Moretus at the Plantin Press, 1603.

A pair of engravings of Jesuit inspiration that deals with sins of mankind and the fear for death and hell

Theodor Galle (1571-1633) was involved in the creation of the series, but some sources also mentions his brother Cornelis Galle (1576-1650) as the engraver.

Theodoor Galle ( 1571 - 1633)
Engraver and print publisher based in Antwerp. Son of Philips, and took over workshop on his death in 1612. He travelled with his brother, Cornelis I, to Italy in 1596. Married the daughter of the Antwerp publisher Jan Moretus. He introduced two new activities in the family enterprise: reissuing engravings that had been published by early generations of printmakers in the last decades of the sixteenth century, and the collaboration between the Galle workshop and the Plantin Press.

Cornelis Galle I (1576 - 1650)
Engraver from Antwerp, son of Philip Galle (q.v.); he went to Rome with his brother Theodoor c. 1597. 20 November 1599 Galle in Rome testified that he had been in Antwerp two years before that. He was back in Antwerp by 1610 where he collaborated with Rubens and the Plantin Press.

Theodoor Galle (1571-1633)
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Death as a skeleton attacking man + Conversion
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