Silver set - Birmingham silversmith (1847-1848)

Silver set - Birmingham silversmith (1847-1848)
Silver title 925/1000, 32.5 cm - Birmingham silversmith (1847-1848) complete with case

An antique silver set for fish, England, early 19th century, of extraordinary silverware art, made by master silversmith in Birmingham period (1847-1848) in full Victorian style since the Queen had succeeded the throne 10 years earlier, in 1837. So doing the maths this piece is approximately 170 years old, almost 2 centuries.
It was possible to date the set through a search that I carried out on the book of the brands 'Jackson's Hallmarks', as shown in the photos, I have identified the exact period as the marks correspond exactly with those of the book with the right year (1847-1848) that I marked with a dot on the dating bar. As shown in detail in photographic material available.

Origin: United Kingdom.

Period: (1847-1848)

Material: Silver

Manufacturing: Handmade

City: Birmingham

Weight 248 g
Overall weight (with case): 658

Knife length: 32.5 cm

Fork length: 23 cm

Dimensions of the case: 38 x 12 x 4 cm

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