Perfume Legends French Feminine Fragrances - Door Michael Edwards

Perfume Legends French Feminine Fragrances - Door Michael Edwards
Book - Hardcover met stofomslag

Isbn 0646277944, 301 pages, HM Éditions, 1996

Michael Edwards - Perfume Legends French Feminine Fragrances

“Michael Edwards’s book represents a truly praiseworthy effort to help people better appreciate the great perfumes of this century,” says Edmond Roudnitska in his introduction to Perfume Legends: French Feminine Fragrances. Indeed, a perfume lover’s library is incomplete without this wonderful anthology, which combines beautiful illustrations with the comprehensive information on some of the greatest French fragrances. Edwards’s focus on perfume as an art form
traced over the 20th century is an appealing vantage point, given the fact that he recognizes the synergy between the fragrance and the time in which it was created. He also notes the scientific discoveries that shaped the development of perfumery, such as the discovery of cinnamic aldehyde as the chemical responsible for the scent of cinnamon in 1833 by Dumas and Péligot, or the isolation of coumarin from tonka beans by Perkin in 1868. Moreover, the process of creation and forming of ideas that gave rise to some of the most famous fragrances is elaborated in great depth in Perfume Legends.

The book focuses on 45 fragrances, from Guerlain Jicky (1889) to Thierry Mugler Angel (1992), providing information on the creators, from the perfumers and the couturiers to the bottle designers and the executives of the perfume houses. …

The accompanying illustrations and photos alone make the book a worthwhile purchase, as many have never been published before. Edwards includes three criteria for including a fragrance in the book: innovative accord that served as an inspiration for the subsequent composition; trend shaping impact; and appeal transcending fashion. Although the selection might be considered somewhat controversial, it is no doubt that the coverage is quite thorough. Although titled as Legends, the fragrance stories are anything but based on myths. With more than 150 in-depth interviews over a period of four years going into the creation of Perfume Legends, the work possesses an unsurpassed breadth.

Although serving as an excellent reference, Perfume Legends is able to engage and to maintain a reader’s interest with its smoothly flowing writing and fascinating bits of information. Edward’s passion for the subject matter is obvious, as is his intimate knowledge of fragrance.

Perfume Legends French Feminine Fragrances
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By Michael Edwards
Hardcover with dustjacket
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