Figurative ventral mask - BASSA - Liberia

Figurative ventral mask - BASSA - Liberia
Around 1960 - Private collection, France - Rare

Private collection, France.
Estimated age : around 1960.
Dimensions : 37 x 16 cm.
Material : wood.
Stand : additional.

Stylistically speaking, the Bassa are close to the Dan, but they are much less known and less well-represented. They are mainly established in Liberia.
Since the border between the two groups is porous regarding the mixing of populations, and therefore art, it happens that a piece is attributed to a “Dan Bassa” sculptor when it presents characteristics of both groups and that it is not easy to distinguish them.
Whereas facial masks are frequent among the Bassa, like for the Dan, pieces such as this one, depicting a pregnant woman, are quite exceptional. We will note that this type of mask also exists among the Yoruba of Benin.
This piece reflects a serene expression of a mother ready to give birth, with an extruded navel. Wonderful ancient patina.

Piece delivered with a certificate of authenticity.
Secured shipment or pick-up at the gallery are possible.

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