Tabriz, Iran rug 160 x 100cm

Tabriz, Iran rug 160 x 100cm
Fine handmade silk and wool Persian Tabriz rug in bright colours 50 raj in very good condition.

Fine Persian handmade silk and wool Tabriz rug measuring 160 x 100cm (5' x 3'). A central vase decorated with vibrant flowers having two pillars of ancient Persopolis at each side and the sun and lion marks above. The pictures of the Koroush the Great and marks belonging to the ancient Persia describes a rich history and old civilization. The inscription at both ends indicates the rug was made in the city of Tabriz. The name of the famous factory ( Gostar rug) in Tabriz also attached at the back of the rug including in the protected leather sewn along the salvation. The weft and wrap of the foundation made of silk and the finest wool and are relief cut whereby there are engraved weaves which in Iranian called " GUL Bargesteh". The rug is in very good condition and end silk fringes have remained long and healthy. The colours very vibrant and bright normally expected from new silk and wool Tabriz rugs.
This rug was exported from Iran before 2015

Wol op zijde
Land van herkomst
2000- Today
In zeer goede staat
Professioneel schoongemaakt tapijt
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