PZ. Photochrom - 2199. Phylae, le kiosque et le pylone

PZ. Photochrom - 2199. Phylae, le kiosque et le pylone
Steendruk - Signed in negative

Superb large format PZ photochrom (27 x 21 cm, the usual format being 17 x 22 cm), representing a bedouin in front of the temple of the Philae island, Egypt.
Great photograph, in excellent condition, excellent colours and contrast.
Free print, not laminated.
Numbered and captioned in the bottom in golden capital letters.
Circa 1905.

The photochrom process was invented in the 1880s by Hans Jacob Schmidt (1856-1924). His invention was patented by Orell Füssli in 1888, who then created a branch named Photochrom Zurich (which later became PZ Photoglob Zurich in 1895). The invention was presented at the Paris World Fair in 1900 and was met with enthusiasm which helped it become successful.

PZ. Photochrom
Titel van kunstwerk
2199. Phylae, le kiosque et le pylone
Signed in negative
Zeer Fraai
Vintage afdruk
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