Amministrazione Sociale Religiosa Diocesi Toscana - Manoscritto Regole Diritto Canonico Omicidio - 1700

Amministrazione Sociale Religiosa Diocesi Toscana - Manoscritto Regole Diritto Canonico Omicidio - 1700
Handschriften, Recht, Religie - Aantal: 1

18th century manuscript of social and religious character. The manuscript brings together rules and excerpts of canon and ecclesiastical law, in addition to purely administrative and social knowledge.

This important document has belonged to a prelate of the Diocese of Fiesole, who is mentioned at some point in the text, and, with a careful analysis, we can reasonably assume that it was a real vedemecum for parish priests for the administration of Confession, administration and justice in general, to be ready to assess the guilt of those who committed them and therefore administer the correct penances.

Given the topics covered, the manuscript can be divided into four parts:

Part One:

- After an introduction on the analysis of human consciousness, probably borrowed, as other parts of this work, from the Summa Theologiae of Thomas Aquinas, the writer carries out the analysis of sin in all its forms, with special attention (almost morbid) on sins of carnal nature.
The themes that are dealt with in great detail are in fact sodomy between people of the same sex and of opposite sexes, adultery, masturbation, fornication before marriage, rape and incest.
Particular attention is paid to the fact of how sinful it is to spread the male seed out of the places aimed for procreation.

Also interesting is the part devoted to sins committed for murder, which gives us the key to understanding this offense on the side of the Church.

Part two:

-The second part is devoted to social administration and its regulation in the community, and it deals with such topics as sales, mortgages, real estate leasing, lending, marriage, divorce and testamentary right.

Part three:

-In this part are analysed particular topics such as crimes committed against others, and a large section is devoted to murder and mutilation.
It is very interesting to note that the writer of the text identifies the three murder cases as can be found in our jurisprudence, that is, pre-intentional murder, manslaughter, and voluntary manslaughter.

Part four:

- Part four explores the sacrament of Confession and its administration to the Christian people.

Part five:

- The fifth and final part is a list of cases in which excommunication is imposed, whose pronunciation is still reserved to the Pope.

The manuscript is very important text as it gives us a glimpse of real life and 18th-century mentality, and of socio-religious administration of the communities in Italy.

Pages: 178

Handwritten pages: 176

Blank pages: 2

Size: 30 x 22 cm

Condition: cover with woodworm signs and general rippling of the volume.

Some holes on the pages due to ink, that do not compromise the consultation and the full understanding of each part of the text.

Aantal boeken
Handschriften, Recht, Religie
Auteur/ Illustrator
Amministrazione Sociale Religiosa Diocesi Toscana
Manoscritto Regole Diritto Canonico Omicidio
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