Iran, Ghorabbai Kelim Sofreh 150 x 148cm

Iran, Ghorabbai Kelim Sofreh 150 x 148cm
Old Persian Sirjan Kelim Sofreh rug in rich red field overall good condition.

A decorative old Persian Ghorabbai Kelim/Sofreh rug, measuring 150 x 148cm (4.9'x4.8'), it has a lovely central medallion in an antique red field enclosed by a narrow dark border. Today Sofreh Kilims have become very much part of house decor. The key fact about them is they give a fantastic decorative look whether lay on the floor or hanging on the wall.

Reference to Ghorabbai Kilims: Ghorabba in the Persian language means secluded and simply refers to the group of people who migrate or move from one place to another and like to remain isolated. Ghorabbai tribes, in fact, are subtribes of Afshari who settled near the Kerman province but gradually migrated to the villages near the ancient town of Torbat e Ja~m about 160km South West of Khorasan province. Although there are similarities in their Kelims to those of Sirjan, Afshari or even Qashqai tribes, however looking closer one can determine their specific detailing to both design and colours. The difference between Ghorabbai Sofreh and others like Sirjan or Baluch is that they are slightly bigger in dimensions and mainly used as Ru-Korrsi (the phrase used to cover the stool-like frames of wood which a fire is placed for heating the legs in winter). One of the main reason for Ghorabbai Kilims to remain exclusive is that for many years the Kilim making amongst this tribe was mainly for local use. This trend however changed from mid 20th century when weavers become active by producing eye-catching pieces for commercial purpose and selling them to the local dealers whom subsequently exported them to the Western world.

This Kelim was exported from Iran before 2015

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