Ten lucky charms in ‘dzi’ agate beads decorated with various patterns

Ten lucky charms in ‘dzi’ agate beads decorated with various patterns
In very good condition, see description and pictures

Lot of ten meditation beads in agate.
Origin: probably from Tibet, Himalayas.
This type of bead has strong spiritual properties.
Period: late 20th/early 21st century.

Two beads with pattern: Five-Eye Lightning Dzi.
In addition to the 5-Eyed Dzi’s symbolism, this Dzi helps its bearer to overcome life obstacles.

Two beads tiger teeth.
The Tiger teeth dzi is supposed to increase spiritual power and drive out evil.

Two beads with double-Lotus.
Double Lotus flower is an extra-powerful variety of the ordinary Lotus dzi. It is believed that this bead brings wisdom and good fortune to the decision makers.

Pattern: 1 eye.
This bead is supposed to bring the bearer to light, gives the hope and happiness. Increases confidence.

9-eyed bead.
The nine-eyed dzi is the symbol of the nine planets, it includes the activity of the universe and the wisdom of humanity. It is called the Emperor of all DZI. Its helps people develop their intelligence, wisdom and skills, improve their power and purify their negative energy.

16-eyed bead:
Helps finding humour in life. Lets you remember that all things can be obtained through games and joy. Helps getting rid of sadness, depression, melancholy, pain, and blues.

Dimensions: 1.4 to 5.2 cm.
Total weight: 73 g

Shipped by registered mail with tracking number and insurance.

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