Beschir circa: 330 x 243 cm Afghan Antik

Beschir circa: 330 x 243 cm Afghan Antik
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The Beshirs produced their rugs in the Khanate of Bokhara. Unlike other Turkoman tribes, the Beshir pursued a distinct weaving style. Featuring bright colors and less geometric designs, antique rugs from the Beshir tribe feature large motifs and stylized flowers. Placing an emphasis on floral patterns and all over designs, these antique rugs are heavily sought after because of their distinct style.

Beshir rugs are made by the Beshir tribe, one of several subdivisions of the Ersari group of Turkoman people, who inhabit the Amu Darya Valley in Turkmenistan and parts of Uzbekistan and Afghanistan. While Turkoman tribes came into this region as early as the 11th century A. D., the Beshir were part of a later group who came into the Amu Darya region in the 17th century after being forced out of their homeland in the Balkans by political turmoil.

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