Tawa - 16k (sedicicappa)

Tawa - 16k (sedicicappa)
Gemengde techniek - Gesigneerd - Zonder lijst - 2012

Spray and mixed media paintings on board 43.5x36.5 cm + frame

16k is the name of Tawa's crew in Milan and it identifies the old 16th district of Milan where Tawa was born.

Tawa approached the Aerosol Art in 1990, starting an artistic journey with daily writing practices, painting letters on train carriages and graffiti on walls.
His painting, free and controlled at the same time, is a constant search within the sign of gesture and materials. He is one of the most popular street artist in Milan and he has created the Anatomic Style, meaning a study of each element on canvas, like for human body. In the middle you can see his tag repeated like a spinal bone.
One of the most recurring colours in Tawa's works is certainly gold, a sort of homage to one of the most important symbols of Milan: the Madonnina.
The stylistic part of the sign combines the power of the gesture and the expressiveness of the material, and it is precisely with this latter that the artist wants to reinterpret in his works fragments of an urban scenario as a reference to the origins of his artistic career. It is not by chance that the materials mainly used are bitumen, cement, stucco, silicon, sand and imprints of tyres, thus focusing in its pictures fragments of the real

Titel van kunstwerk
16k (sedicicappa)
Gemengde techniek
Verkocht met lijst
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