30 prints by Salvator Rosa (1615-1673) - Invenit Liber primus liber quartus

30 prints by Salvator Rosa (1615-1673) - Invenit Liber primus liber quartus
30 engravings in duodecimo format, etched characters, soldiers, merchants, women and characters .

Condizioni : buone
Edizione : 1° edizione
Anno di pubblicazione dell' articolo più vecchio : 1750
Autore / Illustratore : Salvatore Rosa
Titolo del libro : Salvator Rosa invenit Liber
primus liber quartus.
numero di libri : 1
Editore : Chéreau

Salvator Rosa ( Naples 1615 Rome 1673 ),
was a blocky author, painter, cartoonist, writer, author of plays. These were a huge
success, but drew the wrath of some institutions to the author including clerical for his satires and his attacks barely hidden against the powerfull of is time.
Bernini certainly made the ecclesiastical authorities intervene, binding Rosa to flee Rome and find refuge in Florence where at the invitation of the cardinal Carlo de Medici, he stayed 9 years. In 1646 he returned to his hometown and certainly became the friend of Masaniello, the fish
vendor who will lead the revolt against the spanish occupation in 1647. With other artists including Coppola, Porpora, Gargiulo, Mastuzo, the two Vaccari , Rosa will create the company of death under the orders of Aniello Falcone, group to eliminate all spaniards in the city. The group will be disbanded at the approach of the troops of Don Juan of Austria, then it would seem that he has joined the robbers in Abruzzo before returning to his hometown in 1649. According to Rudolf Wittkower is in Rosa landscapes that reflected the best and most the innate genius of the artist, potraits of people are very fine and realistic.

30 plates, including the two frontispieces,
drawn on paperboard leaves of the time, small marbled casing burgundy, red and orange recent of a later date, spine with a title label of blue sheepskin highlighted and underlined with a double golden fillet , golden title, slight traces of moisture in the borders of a few plates but nothing serious, good an nice copy.

30 prints by Salvator Rosa (1615-1673)
Titel van kunstwerk
Invenit Liber primus liber quartus
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