African Lega headgear of the Bwami

African Lega headgear of the Bwami
Middle of the 20th century

Owner : Essentiel Gallery, African art.

These kinds of headgears are worn by men who are members of the bwami and who belong to the highest ranks of the secret society of the bwami, which rules the social structure of the Lega, it is open to circumcised adults and to their wives, and teaches them moral perfection.
These objects belong to the isengo, meaning that they are sacred and therefore, they can only be worn by initiates. During his entire life, he owner cannot get rid of it.
The matters that were used vary, there are clothing buttons, cowry shells, beads or cocoa beans. On a cap made of meticulously woven natural fibres, this headgear is completely covered with rows of buffalo teeth and is destined to the yananio rank. It was formerly topped by elephant hair, referring to the destructive power of this animal with an imperturbable appearance.
25 x 12 cm.
0,720 kilograms.

Sold with a certificate of authenticity.

All of our pieces are ancient and were used, therefore, it is common to find missing parts, cracks and other traces of wear, or even native repairs, as presented on the pictures.

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