Ancient and rare TEKE Janus Amulet - D.R.Congo

Ancient and rare TEKE Janus Amulet - D.R.Congo
1st half 20th Century - in perfect condition

This small Teke janus amulet comes from an old missionary collection - Congo.
It shows a double Teke figure (janus) with one crest.
Both figures have a little hole in the belly where they usually put a charge in.
It has been told that the Muganga has hollowed the piece and filled it with charge that protects against illness or to imprive the hunt or commerce. After filling he covers the substance with little pieces of ivory and fastens it with resin. (photos).
Slight signs of wear.
Tribe members take the amulet with them on the road.
Ex Belgian collection.
Ex collection Hans maatje - NL.
Now in my private collection.
Height: 110 mm.
Width: 25 mm.
Depth: 40 mm.
Weight: 117 gram.
A rare beautiful piece.
Seller declares that this piece is antique Ivory.
No shipping outside Europe.

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