Muonionalusta Hangers - 1.4cm - 1g

Muonionalusta Hangers - 1.4cm - 1g

The offered object is a etched iron meteorite pendent from the Muonionalusta meteorite.
With an included leather band this chromed pendant is ready to wear.
Its weight is approximately 1 g and it measures 14 mm in diametre, has a 7 mm hole and its thickness is 1 mm.
Around 800,000 years ago the Muonionalusta meteorite fell on earth and broke due the collision with the atmosphere in many pieces. With around 4.5653 billion years of Age, it is probably the oldest meteorite known to man.
First found in 1906 (GPS 67° 48° N + 23° 6° E). This iron meteorite contains some of the most beautiful structures found on earth. It belongs to the iron meteorite class of IVA, a fine iron meteorite (octahedrite). The structure is called the widmannstaetten pattern and is shown after the extraterrestrial stone is cut and treated with acid.
The biggest museum piece is shown by the Geological Institute of Uppsala 33 lb. (15 kg).
Rare elements in Muonionalusta:
1.6 ppm iridium
0.33 ppm gallium
0.133 ppm germanium
The exceptional rare mineral stishovite is found in this meteorite.
Please note, that the decoration (stone meteorite) is not included.
Furthermore meteorite pendants should not be worn in salt water.
Sent by certified insured mail, the object will arrive at the highest bidder in time.

Belangrijkste mineraal / Naam meteoriet
Minerale vorm / Soort meteoriet
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