Oud-Grieks Goud Dog Applique - Length 2.2cm, Width 1.9cm

Oud-Grieks Goud Dog Applique - Length 2.2cm, Width 1.9cm
Circa 4th century BC

A Scythian gold zoomorphic mount in a 'running dog' motif. The running dog motif is commonly seen in Scythian mounts. The dog is shown from the side with the 4 legs positioned in a 'cartwheel' formation to imply movement to the piece. The tail is likewise positioned in the air to add as sense of realism in the dog's run. Weight 0.5g. Stand included in Lot.

Private collector: Ex major London Gallery 1999 and in a London exhibition of Scythian gold art.

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Dog Applique
Eeuw / Periode
Circa 4th century BC
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