14 karaat Goud - Mooie paar Bourbon Siciliaanse '800 oorbellen - Turquoise

14 karaat Goud - Mooie paar Bourbon Siciliaanse '800 oorbellen - Turquoise
Maat: 6.5 X 1.8 cm. - Totaal gewicht: 8 g

Lovely Bourbon earrings in low grade gold (14 kt), Sicily, first half of the 19th century.

Fine pair of pendant earrings from Bourbon Sicily, with Neapolitan style hook clasp, first half of the 19th century, in low grade gold, with very fine workmanship featuring leaves and scrollwork engraved in relief, and embellished with two small turquoises. Very refined and eye-catching, measuring 5 x 1.8 cm.
In very good condition despite their age.

Their beauty is evinced from the photo; please take a good look at the photo gallery.

Total weight: 8 g.

Bourbon jewellery is characterised by very fine workmanship, despite the not very high value of the materials used. The new manufacturing techniques of the period allowed the creation of jewellery in thin metal foil that was cut and embossed, thus producing items of jewellery with a limited quantity of gold, but with a very vivacious and opulent look thanks to the workmanship and to the use of stones and especially of patterns of small pearls characteristic of the Bourbon era.

Usually the quality of the gold is never very high, however it is not always easy to determine the fineness of Bourbon era items of jewellery, because every goldsmith employed his personal 'recipe' for the gold. Notwithstanding this, we come across very rare and precious items of jewellery, which deserve to be worn with pride.

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Mooie paar Bourbon Siciliaanse '800 oorbellen
14 karaat
6.5 X 1.8 cm.
Totaal gewicht
8 g
Uitstekende conditie - nauwelijks gebruikt met minimale tekenen van slijtage
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