Icoon, KIOT - Hout - Begin 20e eeuw

Icoon, KIOT - Hout - Begin 20e eeuw

The icon is in a protective wooden case.
Material: tempera on wooden panel with
gold background, with glazes and cutouts.
Case measurements: 24x20
Estimated period: 1890-1910
Country of origin: Northern Russia
Icon condition: good
Wooden case condition: signs of wear

The Madonna of Tichvin icon is one of the most revered miraculous images in Russia.
The most important detail is in Christ's gesture: he is blessing the Mother with with his right hand. The figures of Christ and the Virgin are highly detached, the Holy Mother of God is always represented with the right hand pointing at Child Jesus who sits on her left hand, as if Our Lady is telling men that the true way is the one towards Christ. This icon is like a guide to God and to eternal Salvation.

Icoon, KIOT
Geschatte periode
Begin 20e eeuw
Land van herkomst
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