Russische lak 3 miniatuur - Palekh en Fedoskino (3) - Papier-maché

Russische lak 3 miniatuur - Palekh en Fedoskino (3) - Papier-maché
Rusland - 1975-2000

Russian lacquer 3 boxes - Palekh and Fedoskino Miniature
Palekh - based on Tales of Pushkin – „Tale of Tsar Saltan”
“Tale of Tsar Saltan” - dimensions:150 x 109 x 34 mm
“Fedoskino ” –
„Russian beauty” - Vasin's (Cyrillic) work
and Repin - "Three Heroes"-
work artisan Михеева 417 (Cyrillic) - digits - this master registration number.
- dimensions: 100 mm x 80 mm x 30 mm
perfect condition
Will be shipped registered and packaged carefully.
at the bottom -left in the Russian plot in Cyrillic - right signature of the master
Palekh since the pre-Petrine times was famous for its icon painters. The greatest flourishing of Palekh iconography reached the XVIII - early XIX century. Local style was formed under the influence of Moscow, Novgorod, Stroganov and Yaroslavl schools. In addition to icon painting, the Paleshans were engaged in monumental painting, participating in the painting and restoration of churches and cathedrals, including the Faceted Chamber of the Moscow Kremlin, the temples of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, the Novodevichy Monastery.

After the revolution of 1917 the painters of Palekh were forced to look for new forms of realizing their creative potential. In 1918 the artists created the Palekh Artistic Decorative Artel, which was engaged in painting on wood. The ancestors of the Palekh style are Ivan Golikov and Alexander Glazunov, in whose Moscow workshop Ivan Golikov wrote the first work in the so-called Palekh style. The Palesans got acquainted with the new material papier-mache, which for a century was the basis for the lacquer miniature Fedoskina. The masters mastered the new material, transferring to it the traditional for the ancient Russian icon-painting technology and conventional image stylistics. For the first time Palekh miniatures on papier-mache made at the request of the Handicraft Museum were presented at the All-Russian Agricultural and Artisanal Exhibition in 1923, where they were awarded diplomas of the 2 nd degree.

On December 5, 1924, the seven Palekh artists Ivan Golikov, Ivan Markichev, Ivan Bakanov, Ivan Zubkov, Alexander Zubkov, Alexander Kotukhin, and VV Kotukhin united in the Artel of Ancient Painting. Later they were joined by artists Ivan Vakurov, Dmitry Butorin, Nikolai Zinoviev. In 1925 Palekh miniatures were exhibited at the World Exhibition in Paris.
Typical plots of Palekh miniatures are borrowed from everyday life, literary works of classics, fairy tales, epics and songs. A number of compositions are based on the traditions of classical art [1]. Works are usually performed with tempera paints on a black background and painted with gold.

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Russische lak miniatuur
Russische lak 3 miniatuur - Palekh en Fedoskino
Geschatte periode
Land van herkomst
Uitstekende staat - nauwelijks gebruikt met minimale gebruikssporen en tekenen van ouderdom
150×109×35 mm
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