Empreza Tauromachica Lisbonense - 189(_) - Deel Deco - Lissabon, Portugal

Empreza Tauromachica Lisbonense - 189(_) - Deel Deco - Lissabon, Portugal
Portugal - 1890-1919

Very fine large-format unissued share certificate of the company arranging bullfights in Lisbon. Design of a matador saluting the crowd, and the 'cowboys' on the bull farm. A bull's head, sword, lances, arms of the city, and underprint of the Lisbon bull ring. This is probably the finest of all known bullfight shares worldwide. The 'sport' differs from that in Spain by being much less cruel. The bull's horns are cut and padded, and the bull is not killed in the arena. In fact, neither bull, bullfighter or horses are seriously hurt, although the bull is usually slaughtered afterwards.
This certificate, representing 8 shares, is the highest denomination and it's not so common as lower values if 1 and 4 shares, even in blanks.

Deel Deco
Lissabon, Portugal
Ontwerper / Kunstenaar
Empreza Tauromachica Lisbonense
Fabrikant / Merk
Geschatte periode
Land van herkomst
Als nieuw - ongebruikt
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