Japan - WW2 - Kyu Gunto type 98 General army Katana AUTENTIC 100% - SIGNED HIZEN NO JU TADAYOSHI - Zwaard

Japan - WW2 - Kyu Gunto type 98 General army Katana AUTENTIC 100% - SIGNED HIZEN NO JU TADAYOSHI - Zwaard

I am pleased to offer this original handmade Japanese relic for high ranking officers of the Samurai army in the Russian-Japanese period. Mountings Kyu Gunto of the Second World War. The sword represents the rare opportunity to possess a historical katana of the famous blacksmith HIZEN NO JU TADAYOSHI. , dated 1579, and mounted on rare Kyu Gunto mounts that include a desirable family in the handle. The blade and mounts are in MINTY premium condition. The sword is long with a blade of 28 inches (71 cm). It is also a large, thick and powerful sword, with a thickness around the world of 1 cm. The weight of the blade itself is almost 1 kg (2 pounds). The sword is well constructed showing an itame fairy that is mixed with a tight ko-mokume fairy. The hamon is a midare choji style Bizen based on suguha. The hamon is present throughout the leaf through the kissaki, where it ends in a thick boshi midare. There are many activities like yubashiri, ashi, me and an utsuri in and along the hamon.

The spike is fully signed with HIZEN NO JU TADAYOSHI and is dated with Tensho Shichi Nen Hachi Gatsu Yoshi Hello, or a lucky day in the autumn of 1579. HIZEN NO JU TADAYOSHI reflects a long line of blacksmiths working in the province from ca . 1500-1870 that are known and respected. They were known for making many swords to supply the sides in the Japanese civil wars of the 1500s. This seems to be a generation from TADAYOSHI height of workforce in the mid-1500s. The complete signature indicates that it is from his better workmanship and a high class sword.

The assemblies are from the Russian-Japanese period Kyu Gunto. Mounts are in near condition of MINT. The tsuka is saber-shaped and is in MINTY condition and the same present. There is a Hiogi family, or cypress fan, used by clans like the Akita. The saya (sheath) is metal plated in the open air. The metal case is in excellent condition. Given the protective cover, the skirt is expected to be in MINTY condition, conserving approximately 95-98% of the original finish. The blade is in MINTY premium condition. There are no notches, little or no rust, and few scratches along the blade. There are no major defects like the hagire.

Given the history, the craftsmanship, the signature, the condition and the exceptional assemblies, I believe that this piece would be a first quality addition for a collector of WW2 militaria or Japanese swords, and I highly recommend it.

Here are the detailed measurements for the sword:

Nagasa: 71 cm

Sori: 2.3 cm

Motohaba: 3,3 cm

Sakihaba: 2.1 cm

Kissaki Nagasa: 4,0 cm

Nakago Nagasa: 22.1 cm

Unique piece and in an incredible state of conservation, acquired at auction in 1993, MONTPELLIER France, 100% authentic for a great collector of the art of the Japanese war.
It is delivered with a box of great beauty and work, the sword has the tassel of a high ranking officer.

Land van herkomst
Producent / fabrikant
Kyu Gunto type 98 General army Katana AUTENTIC 100%
Type wapen
Totale lengte
91 cm
Lengte van de loop / lemmet
91 cm
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