Eversharp - Vulpen en vulpotlood

Eversharp - Vulpen en vulpotlood
V.S. - 1940-1949 - Als nieuw - ongebruikt

Production 1940-1945
Solid 14 ct. cap and barrel. Solid gold mechanical pencil.
14 ct. gold nib, looks F.
You can see my mirror image in the shining gold an my fingerprints on some photos.
Filling system: rubber sac with lever. I tested it with water. It works perfectly.

The pen was drawn by the famous designer Henry Dreyfus. The cap may look like a Greek helmet, but this was not the idea of Dreyfus. The cap was inspired by the streamlined hood of the 1940 American steam locomotives. It seems to me that the tapering barrel completes the streamline concept. The design was revolutionary. The nib and filling system in the other hand were, in contrast to the Parker 51, conventional. The pen was very successful. It was the most sold pen of all times, 14 million pieces. It was the pen of the American Army and Navy. It is clear that most people could not afford the solid gold version.

Vulpen en vulpotlood
Model / Type
14 ct. puur goud
Land van herkomst
Als nieuw - ongebruikt
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