Zilver - Hanger, Ketting Topaas - Zirkonen

Zilver - Hanger, Ketting Topaas - Zirkonen
Maat: 36 x 30 mm. - Totaal gewicht: 17,4 g

Antique pendant, from around the 20s given its design and the chain's type, which is handmade.
It's a beautiful necklace with a great blue topaz with a lot of shine, mounted on silver and with 8 zircons around it.
The total length of the necklace with the chain included is of 23 cm.

The topaz has some scratches and a slight defect on the lower part that's not appreciated unless you look thoroughly for it. It is normal because the jewel is many years old and the topaz is not one of the hardest stones.
Thes doesn't have imperfections inside
and doesn't seem to have been treated, besides in that time the stones were less treated, but I can't assure it 100% until it's been treated.

The chain feels old because each link is hand-welded.

Still it has an awesome effect and shines incredibly. If you purchase it you'll be happy of doing so, because it is a wonderful jewel.

Hanger, Ketting
36 x 30 mm.
Totaal Gewicht
17,4 g
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