Rembrandt Harmensz van (1606-1669) - The raising of Lazarus - Original

Rembrandt Harmensz van (1606-1669) - The raising of Lazarus - Original
Ets - Met handtekening in de druk - Ca 1632

With the plate edge full and small margins of paper placed without a visible water mark.
With no creases, tears or stains. Rub small stains on the door in arch to the left.

The resurrection of Lazarus; Christ standing beside a tomb, surrounded by scary figures, with Lazarus seen below; arched plaque; the larger plaque; Posthumous condition reformulated throughout a rocker of half-paint.
With letters (vaguely) with monogram by Rembrandt, on the rock at the centre: "RHL. v. Rijn"
c. 1632 strong water and buril

Printing made by: Rembrandt
Date: 1632 (circa)

New Hollstein 113 (Dutch and Flemish). (Rembrandt)
Hinterding et al. 2000 17
Branco & Boon 1969 73
Hind 1923 96

The impression counted several States, Hollstein mention's eight States and Hind to ten, but Hinterding them reduced to five. This is a state later with the hat added to the man with open arms to the left. This hat wasn’t added in the first States. This printing is probably from the 18th century or very early. (before 1808)

Rembrandt engraving lustrates the moment described in the Bible when Jesus, standing by the grave, said in a loud voice: "Lazarus, come forth." The dead man came out, hands and feet wrapped in linen strips, his face wrapped in a cloth ' (John 11: 43-4).
The focus is mainly on the reactions of spectators. Although Jesus is rendered as an imposing figure with his arm raised in the notice of meeting, his face is all but invisible as he is standing with his back half turned to the Viewer. The faces and the wild gestures of the other people present, among them, the Sisters of Lazarus, Mary and Martha, are simple to see, however, clearly record his surprise for the miracle that is occurring.

Rembrandt Harmensz van (1606-1669)
Titel van kunstwerk
The raising of Lazarus - Original
Ca 1632
Met handtekening in de druk
In goede staat
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