FED Boy Stereo

FED Boy Stereo
stereo camera - Goed (gebruikt en in werkende staat met zichtbare gebruikssporen)

FED BOY Stereo Camera in bag

The FED Stereo has been manufactured in different versions by " Zavod Charkovskij Mashinostroitelnij FED" in Kharkov , Ukraine. This is the chromium version of the FED Boy Stereo. FED Boy is the prestige export version of the FED Stereo M. The FED BOY Stereo and the FED Stereo M are the same improved versions of the FED Stereo Standard .

Some specifications:

- 35mm film, 24x30mm (like the Belplasca)

- 20 or 21 stereo shots on 1 roll of film

- 38mm f2.8 Industar lenses

- focus from 1 meter to infinity

- Offers Automatic exposure, then uses 1/30 - 1/650th of a second and F2.8 to F16

- Manual mode uses 1/30th of a second, you choose diaphragm

- Bulb-mode uses F5.6

- Lens base is 6,3 cm

- X-contact for flash

- film sensitivity can be set on the camera

The Automatic Exposure option was very special for an analog stereo camera. Only when you use Automatic Exposure, you need to have working battery inside the camera. It uses PX625 batteries wich are no longer available. A perfect alternative is the SR44 (or similar) or the Weincell MRB625 battery.

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Boy Stereo
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stereo camera
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