Longueteau - "Symphonie" & "Concerto" - Batch 1 - 0,7 Liter - 2 flessen

Longueteau - "Symphonie" & "Concerto" - Batch 1 - 0,7 Liter - 2 flessen
Rhum Agricole - 47.2%, 49.2%

2 bottles rhum Longueteau from Guadeloupe
1 bottle symphonie batch 1 - 70 cl 49,2%
1 bottle concerto batch 1 - 70 cl 47,2%

François Longueteau said the following on the series to the Rumporter:
"We do not want to communicate about the vintages that are found in these different compositions (although we still make the difference between amber for the "Prelude" and old for the "Symphony" & "Concerto") because we think that an assemblage collection the fact of retaining the vintages has little sense, because it is not in this way that we proceed by making the assembly.

Today, approaching the notion of vintage on this collection, influences our palate and inevitably the first idea that we will make of the product, by not communicating on the vintages we put back in the center of the debate the product and its pallet of nuances and aromas.

On the other hand, I can confirm that we only work on new oak barrels for the "Prelude", and on both new barrels and ex-barrels of cognac for "Symphonie" & "Concerto". On the other hand the initial rum is 50 ° Longbow (65% red cane and 35% blue cane). We do not practice cold filtration, the color of the products is totally natural and only due to the movements and assemblages of the different vintages."

Type drank
Rhum Agricole
Distilleerderij / merk
Naam / editie
"Symphonie" & "Concerto" - Batch 1
Aantal flessen in het kavel, anders dan 1
Volume op etiket
0,7 Liter
Alcohol %
47.2%, 49.2%
Originele verpakking
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