Walter Otto Grimm - Szenenbild zu einem japanischen Ballett, Aquarell, 1918

Walter Otto Grimm - Szenenbild zu einem japanischen Ballett, Aquarell, 1918
Aquarel, Pentekening - met de hand getekend - 1918

(* June 2, 1894 in Philadelphia or Mulden (Massachusetts), † May 15, 1919 in Dresden).

Walter Otto Grimm was born as the son of German parents in the USA and moved to Dresden with his mother after the death of his father in 1908. In 1915 he began to study law in Leipzig; at the same time he began to engage in literary and artistic activities.

After the USA entered the war in 1917, Grimm was considered an unwanted foreigner in Germany and had to report daily to a police station. As a foreigner he had to give up his studies.
In Dresden Grimm joined the expressionist circle around Conrad Felixmüller, Felix Stiemer and Georg Tappert. He belonged to the expressionist artist groups "Gruppe 1917" as well as to the Kiel artist association "Der schwarze Turm". He regularly supplied illustrations
for the magazine "Die Menschen". From 1918 he worked as a stage designer for numerous opera, theatre and ballet productions.
Among other things he created stage sets for Peer Gynt and Macbeth.
15 woodcuts by Grimm were exhibited in the Dresden Art Cabinet in 1918.

Despite his artistic successes and a partnership with Lotte Haunstein Walter Otto Grimm suffered
from his discrimination as a foreigner and from his increasing loneliness. Many of his paintings had the lonely person in the big city as their theme. The first issue of the Schwarzer Turm featured numerous woodcuts by Grimm and was honoured by Gerhard Ausleger, a member of the Dresden Expressionist Working Group.

In the spring of 1919 Walter Otto Grimm took his own life. It is thanks to his partner Lotte Haunstein that some of his works have been preserved.

In 1986 around 70 works by Grimm were exhibited in the Bodo Niemann Gallery in Berlin, which published a remarkable catalogue (400 copies).
Among others, Walter Otto Grimm's paintings can be found in the Gore Rifkind Collection in Los Angeles and in the Kiel City Museum.

Szenenbild zu einem japanischen Ballett (production design for a Japanese ballet),
Watercolour and ink.
Titled on the back.
20.5 x 12.0 cm

Listed as no. 22 in the catalogue Walter O. Grimm of the gallery Bodo Niemann
and shown on page 28.

Scans of the catalogue are included for documentation purposes only. This is NOT part of the lot.

Walter Otto Grimm
Titel van kunstwerk
Szenenbild zu einem japanischen Ballett, Aquarell, 1918
Aquarel, Pentekening
met de hand getekend
Zo goed als nieuw
191×125 mm
Totale afmetingen
191×125×1 mm
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