Elio Berhanyer - Joyas de la Alhambra. Ketting

Elio Berhanyer - Joyas de la Alhambra. Ketting
Rosé goud - Verguld metaal van 23,5 Ktes.

Necklace by Elio Berhanyer belonging to the Collection Jewellery of the Alhambra from 1976. 23.5 kt gold-filled with a thickness of 3 microns.
The Jewellery of the Alhambra Collection is inspired by the motifs of the walls, columns, coffering and relieves of the Alhambra of Granada (Spain), a unique Arab monument and World Heritage site.
Top-quality Swarovski stones and pearls.
Manufactured in Córdoba (Spain) in a special bronze alloy with the same colour and specific weight of authentic gold.
Manufactured by artisan jewellers by lost-wax micro-fusion, like fine jewellery, checked, filed, sanded and polished by hand, then plated with 23.5 kt gold.
Exceptional quality ring which has been under strict quality controls.
Antiallergenic. Brand new and never worn.

Elio Berhanyer - Joyas de la Alhambra.
Rosé goud
Object type
Verguld metaal van 23,5 Ktes.
Gemaakt in
Nieuw zonder te gebruiken
Jaren 1970
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