Katana - Staal - Japan - Shōwa periode (1926-1989)

Katana - Staal - Japan - Shōwa periode (1926-1989)
Zeer goede staat, zie beschrijving - 3×4×89 cm

Katana 'gendaito' signed Munetada 宗忠.
Kanteisho NTHK certificate from Japan.
Signature on the blade on the ura side: 濃州関住宗忠鍛之 (Noshu Seki ju MUNETADA kitae kore)
Omote side: 昭和十八年二月 Month of February of the 18th year of the Showa period = 1943
Signature on the Saya: 健民修練 奮励精進 皇紀二六〇四年 (Kenmin Shuren, Koki Year 2604),
濃州関住宗忠鍛之 一尺九寸四分半 (Noshu Seki ju MUNETADA kitae kore nagasa : 1 shaku 9 sun 4 bu han).

Blade forged in shinogi zukuri shape.
Ko-midare hamon with chôji all over the hamon. Ko itame ji hada with a copper habaki.
The tamahagane is nicely polished.

Total length: 88.5 cm
Total length of the blade: 82 cm

 - Hacho : 61 cm

 - Moto haba: 3.2 cm
- Saki haba: 2.1 cm
- Moto Kasane: 0.7 cm
- Saki Kasane: 0.5 cm
- Kissaki nagasa: 4.5 cm
- Sori: 1.6 cm
Very nice 'gendaito' blade of 61 cm with no flaws and with a long kissaki.
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Shōwa periode (1926-1989)
Regio / land van herkomst
Zeer goede staat, zie beschrijving
3×4×89 cm
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