Alain Bonnefoit (né en 1937) - Blandine

Alain Bonnefoit (né en 1937) - Blandine
Aquarel, Pentekening, Potloodtekening - Gesigneerd - 1998

Alain Bonnefoit (1937-) - “Blandine”

Original painting in mixed media (ink, watercolour, pencil) (Sumi-e) on paper mounted on a wooden panel measuring 118 x 70 cm. One of a kind work!

Signed at the bottom right and dated 1998
Exceptional artwork, labelled on the back

Artwork in good overall condition
Professional secure packaging and tracked express shipping.

Sumi-e (墨絵, meaning ' paint in ink') or suiboku-ga (水墨画, "image with water and ink") is a movement of Japanese painting originating in China and prevalent in the Muromachi era. This style is characterised by the use of black ink wash, the predominance of the landscape as the subject and the affinity with Buddhist philosophy. Coming from China, the ink-wash technique reached Japan around the eighth century, becoming prevalent during the Muromachi era under the influence of Zen, the famous wash landscapes of the Chinese Song dynasty and great masters such as Josetsu, Shubun and Sessh. Sumi-e painting changes the dilution of ink and the position, pressure and speed of the brush to play on the thickness and sharpness of lines as well as grey tones. Sumi-e declined in prominence around the end of the Muromachi era, which marked the return of thematic paintings in vibrant colours. Its influence is still tangible in the style of various artists of the Kan school and the bunjin-ga, who brought back monochrome in the 18th century. Nowadays, ink wash painting, which gave Japanese art some of its masterpieces, is very closely associated with the refined Muromachi culture, with its Zen Buddhism, as well as the tea ceremony, Nô theatre, dry gardens and the ikebana.

Alain Bonnefoit (né en 1937)
Titel van kunstwerk
Aquarel, Pentekening, Potloodtekening
Over het algemeen in goede staat
Verkoop met lijst
10 kg
118×70 cm
Totale afmetingen
118×70×1 cm
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