Longueteau - "Parcellaire N°1" & "Parcellaire N°4" - Single - 70cl

Longueteau - "Parcellaire N°1" & "Parcellaire N°4" - Single - 70cl
Rhum Agricole - 55%

lot of 2 bottles rhum longueteau parcellaire:
The Longueteau distillery has recently been developing parcels selections, that is, vintages made from a sort of cane grown on a specific plot of land. The characteristics of each parcel give the cuvées particular aromas.

The Domaine du Marquisat de Sainte-Marie has 12 parcels of two varieties of sugar cane: the Red Cane (R-579) and the Blue Cane (B69-566). The result is a delicious agricultural rum that has been, since 1895, the happiness of the faithful of the brand.

1 bottle rhum longueteau N°1 70 cl 55° /
It is red cane that has been grown on plot no. 1. This parcel is bathed in sun and little wet. So it's a powerful rum that comes from it.

This rum was distilled in 2014.

1 rhum Longueteau Parcellaire n° 4 70 cl 55°
Longueteau Selection Parcellaire Blue Cane 2016n ° 4 comes from a fully sunny plot, whose cane grows against the sea. This parcel, ideally situated on the sea side, is right next to the number 1 parcel.

This selection No. 4 is exclusively made from Blue Cane, this famous variety whose aromatic richness is well established.

Type drank
Rhum Agricole
Distilleerderij / merk
Naam / editie
"Parcellaire N°1" & "Parcellaire N°4" - Single
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