Paraiba toermalijn - 3.44 ct

Paraiba toermalijn - 3.44 ct
Ovale gemengde snit - G.I.A. Certificate

Species: Tourmaline, natural
Variety: Paraiba* tourmaline
*This copper and manganese bearing tourmaline may be called "paraìba tourmaline" in the trade. The name "paraìba" comes from the Brazilian locality where this gem was first mined, however today it may come from several localities.
Weight: 3.44 ct
Shape: Oval
Cutting style: modified brilliant cut
Measurements: 10.85 x 8.67 x 5.21 mm
Color: Yellowish green
Transparency: transparent
Clarity: Very clean (vs)
Origin: Brazil (sellers opinion)
Treatment: No treatment detected**
**Many gemstones are routinely treated by different methods to improve the color or appearance. In some cases, treatments like heating and irradiation cannot be detected.
Laboratory: GIA (Gemological Institute of America Inc.)
Certificate number: 7272440675
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Paraiba toermalijn
Totaal karaat gewicht
Slijpsel en vorm
Ovale gemengde snit
G.I.A. Certificate
Geen indicatie van behandelingen
Transparantie / helderheid
Transparant (schoon)
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