Gomor - Golden bird

Gomor - Golden bird
Acrylverf op doek - Gesigneerd - 2019

Original artwork by artist GOMOR.Original artwork by artist GOMOR.

Spray paint and acrylic paint on authentic Louis Vuitton leather pasted on a wooden canvas finished with resin epoxy.

Dimensions : 50 x 50 x 5 cm.

Signed on the back.

Sold with its Certificate Of Authenticity.

About the artist:

In Genesis, in the Old Testament of the Bible, Gomorrah is one of the two cities (the other one being Sodom) destroyed by God, because of the bad behaviour of their inhabitants. Therefore, it is no coincidence if the ‘enfant terrible’ of French street art, Gomor, chose this pseudonym to exert his talent.

Originally from Paris, this artist born in 1992 started to tag the facades of the buildings in his neighbourhood with spray paint at a very young age. Soon, his technique developed and evolved towards new media offering new possibilities to his evolving art.

The young graffiti artist dove into the world of comics that he loved so much, just as Pop Art masters Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein did before him. He started to use recurring characters from pop-culture in his paintings from 2015: Wonder Woman, Superman, or Uncle Scrooge, who is a little too fond of his money...

He combined them with popular streetwear brands such as Supreme, or Louis Vuitton to insert them into a more concrete and often ostentatious modern world. In his own way, and in a personal research for correctness, Gomor seems to have found the magic recipe for a right balance between the spontaneous contemporary codes of street art and the sophisticated drawings of the 20th century’s pop art . This French artist thus spreads clear messages denouncing the excesses of the capitalist society, but in light and falsely childish works.

The art of Gomor is always expressed through many media. Although most of the works sold in galleries are acrylics on canvas, the painter sometimes returned to his first loves and enjoy us with his characters on everyday life items: skateboards changed for the occasion in triptychs, mail boxes...

Titel van kunstwerk
Golden bird
Acrylverf op doek
Zo goed als nieuw
50×50 cm
Totale afmetingen
50×50×5 cm
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