Bruno Zanzottera - Sicily |Favignana | 2013 |Vol I (4xPhotos)

Bruno Zanzottera - Sicily |Favignana | 2013 |Vol I (4xPhotos)
Digitale afdruk - Gesigneerd, Gestempeld door de uitgever en het archief en gecertificeerd - 9/25 - 2019

Bruno Zanzottera "Sicily | Favignana", Vol I
Portfolio of 4 photos (2 diptychs ). Digital print, 30 x 42 cm each photo
Certification label on verso of each photo signed by the photographer, stamped by the Publisher UNIQUE Edition Press and by the Archive Parallelozero.
Certification document signed by the artist and stamped by the Publisher.
Edition n. 9 of 25 Print date: June 2019.
Publisher: Unique Edition Press, Milan, Italy

"The history of the Sicilian island of Favignana is marked by the traditional exploitation of the limestone quarries, a porous sedimentary stone of volcanic origin particularly indicated for construction, that is often confused with tuff.
This natural element and the ancient trap system for tuna fishing (now transformed into a museum) and the galleries that cover most of the land, deeply characterize the geography and history of Favignana." Bruno Zanzottera

Parallelozero was founded in 2007 by Alessandro Gandolfi, Sergio Ramazzotti, Davide Scagliola and Bruno Zanzottera, long-experienced photojournalists, with a curriculum of publications on all the world's major newspapers. Today Parallelozero is one of the most prestigious photojournalism agencies in the world and is based on a simple and powerful philosophy: each photo must have an aesthetic research as its basis, but above all it must be, if not the representation of the absolute Truth, its intellectual interpretation as honest as possible.
No matter how much noise there is around, a good story well told will always have the power to make itself heard.

Bruno Zanzottera (Monza,1957) is a journalist and photoreporter with focus on social, cultural, ethnographic and geographical reporting.
He publishes in the main Italian and international newspapers (National Geographic Magazine, GEO International,Le Figaro Magazine, VSD, Corriere della Sera, Rolling Stone, ELLE, Spiegel, Brigitte, Days Japan, Sunday Times).

Since 2011 Unique Edition Press produces and realized Limited Edition artworks and Unique Art Series, high quality projects presented also at the Venice Art Biennale.
“X-Files. Through the Lense: All the World’ s Today” is a photographic project curated by Valentina Fasan (chief curator at i-AMFoundation) that collects the“visual”heritage of the world in all the infinite present, all the world’s “today”.
20 Italian and international artists who have worked and published their reportage on international media, are involved here for the first time to present photos from their archives and realize them in a limited edition project for commercial purpose.

All photos are in mint conditions. Professional packaging for shipping.

Bruno Zanzottera
Titel van kunstwerk
Sicily |Favignana | 2013 |Vol I (4xPhotos)
Digitale afdruk
Gesigneerd, Gestempeld door de uitgever en het archief en gecertificeerd
Datum van afdrukken
32×40 cm
Totale afmetingen
32×40×0,5 cm
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