Pieter Baltens de Costere, detto Custodis (1525-1598) - "Philippe D'Alsace, 16° Comte" XVI secolo

Pieter Baltens de Costere, detto Custodis (1525-1598) - "Philippe D'Alsace, 16° Comte" XVI secolo
Ets, etsnaald - Ongesigneerd - 1580 con certificato d’autenticità

Fine etching and burin, from a private collection, on fine laid paper with watermark, from the famous work by Martin Corneille:
Les Genealogies et anciennes descentes des forestiers et comtes de Flandre,
Engraved by Pieter Baltens de Costere, alias Custodis, 1525-1598

Here, depicted with weapons and shield is:
Philippe D'Alsace, 16th Earl of Flanders from 1157 to 1191
Son of the Earl of Flanders Thierry of Alsace and Sibyl of Anjou, he was Earl of Flanders and Earl of Vermandois
His reign began as associate count in 1157, particularly during his father's crusades.
He ended the piracy of the Flemish coast by beating Count Florent III of Holland (1163).

Philippe d'Alsace's policy was characterized by strong urbanization.
He transformed his county into a modern state, introducing radical changes in the judicial field (renewal of criminal law, definition of judicial officers).

Pieter Baltens de Costere, known as Custodias (1525-1598)
His career and artistic development and that of the Flemish painter Pieter Bruegel the Elder were closely intertwined.

In 1550-1551 Bruegel worked as an assistant to Peeter Baltens.

He is recognized as one of the main inventors of the genre of the village scene in Flemish and Dutch art.

With certificate of authenticity.

Pieter Baltens de Costere, detto Custodis (1525-1598)
Titel van kunstwerk
"Philippe D'Alsace, 16° Comte" XVI secolo
1580 con certificato d’autenticità
Ets, etsnaald
In goede staat
Verkoop met lijst
Totale afmetingen
200×141×1 mm
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