Francisco Payá Sanchis (1892-1977) - Paisaje con riachuelo y masia

Francisco Payá Sanchis (1892-1977) - Paisaje con riachuelo y masia
Olieverf op doek - c.1940

He was born in Valencia on January 8th, 1892.

During his studies, he always stood out for his great talent for drawing and painting. His teachers, amazed at his skill, urged his father to make the boy study Fine Arts. However, his desire above all, was to be a military; but his fathers wished that he joined the Escuela Superior de Bellas Artes of San Carlos de Valencia, where he did all his studies. His academic record was one of the most brilliant in the Fine Arts School had. At the age of 16 he obtained a golden medal and extraordinary prizes in all the subjects. Wen he was 17, in the famous 1909 Regional Exhibition of Valencia -for which the brilliant Himno a la Exposición (which today is the anthem of the Comunidad Valenciana) was composed by master Serrano, with lyrics by Maximiliano Thous- he obtained a golden medal and another one in bronze, in competition with great masters of painting. He finished his studies at the age of 18.

In 1909 his mother died after a brief illness, which brought a deep pain and a great family alteration. Soon after, and in un unexpected way, his father died.

This resulted in a family tragedy, since his children, all of them young, could not continue their studies and Francisco, who was 18 needed to orient himself to a more practical profession that Fine Arts. A friend of him, who worked as a telegrapher, convinced him to continue with this career. He studied to become a telegraphist in the Merchant Navy, in an Academy specializing in this matter, until he managed to master everything related to this speciality. Since he drew very well, he used to make schemas and drawings to his companions of the different types of installations in the Telegraphic Stations. The drawings were praised by the teachers, who commissioned him to carry them out in large size, in order to attach them to the walls of the classrooms. His efforts were rewarded, since he was awarded with the first position in the competitions.

Francisco Payá Sanchis (1892-1977)
Titel van kunstwerk
Paisaje con riachuelo y masia
Olieverf op doek
Over het algemeen in goede staat met ouderdomssporen
Verkoop met lijst
50×61 cm
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