Led Zeppelin - On Stage In Europe 1975 (Fantastic) - LP Album, Niet-officiële publicatie - 1978

Led Zeppelin - On Stage In Europe 1975 (Fantastic) - LP Album, Niet-officiële publicatie - 1978
Aantal items: 1 - Various conditions - Stereo, Niet-officiële publicatie - Inclusief: Originele binnenhoes

Led Zeppelin ‎– On Stage In Europe 1975

Earls Court 1975 were five concerts performed by the English rock band Led Zeppelin at Earls Court Arena in London in May 1975.
The concert is considered one of the most anticipated concerts of the band of all time!
The Version (22 minutes) of " No Quater" is legendary !
"Earl's Court" 1975

The concerts were initially booked for three nights on 23, 24 and 25 May,but due to unprecedented public demand (tickets for the three shows sold out within just four hours),two further dates were added for 17 and 18 May, making total ticket sales 85,000.

Noted critic and film director Tony Palmer stated at the time in The Observer that no group in history had ever attracted such an audience in Britain.[7]

**** Please note for copyright reasons, the original titles were not allowed to be printed on the label at that time and therefore fantasy titles can be seen there.
Of course, the following titles can be heard on the LP:

A1 No Quarter 22:00
A2 Tangerine 5:00
B1 Kashmir 9:06
B2 Going To California 5:02
B3 That's The Way 7:43
B4 Woodstock 5:02

Condition :
Media: near /Mint
Cover : VG+ to near Mintt (a 3cm little cut on top ( see pictures))
OIS / Mint
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Graet , great ver rare "Zepp" LP !

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Led Zeppelin
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On Stage In Europe 1975 (Fantastic)
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LP Album, Niet-officiële publicatie
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Various conditions
Niet-officiële publicatie, Stereo
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ZAP 7867
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