Parinirvana/Daihatsu Nehan 大般涅槃 Buddha - 24k Gold Gilt Laquer Sandlewood - Japan - late 20th century

Parinirvana/Daihatsu Nehan 大般涅槃 Buddha - 24k Gold Gilt Laquer Sandlewood - Japan - late 20th century
23cm long. Good condition, see description

This is a beautiful, 24k gold gilt, hand carved Sandlewood ( verified chemically as 24k pure gold) and laquer, Parinirvana/ Daihatsu Nehan 大般涅槃 or complete Nirvana Buddha from Japan.

It is hand carved from a single piece of Sandlewood then laquered, then gilded with 24k Gold leaf.

A reclining Buddha is a statue that represents Buddha lying down and is a major iconographic and statuary pattern of Buddhism. It represents the historical Buddha during his last illness, in his final days, about to enter the parinirvana. He is lying on his right side, his head resting on a cushion, as here, or relying on his right elbow, supporting his head with his hand. After the Buddha's death, his followers decided to build a statue of him lying down. They first built the reclining Buddha inside the Wat Pho Temple then, decades later, they started making the sculpture everywhere in South East Asia.

'Parinirvana' (Sanskrit: parinirvāṇa; Pali: parinibbāna) is commonly used to refer to nirvana-after-death, which occurs upon the death of the body of someone who has attained nirvana during his or her lifetime, hence a Buddha. It implies a release from the world of Saṃsāra ( suffering and delusion), karma and rebirth, as well as the dissolution of the skandhas.

A delightful Collectors piece, powerful Buddhist Altar statue, gift, or powerful interior design statement.

Stored under Buddhist conditions in my meditation room, in my Buddhist Retreat studio.

CONDITION: Good. Wear, patina, dust, blemishes, pitting, loss of gilt, small scratches, small cracks and carving irregularities, all consistent with use, type and age of manufacture.

AGE: late 20th century ( 1980/90s approximately )

ORIGIN: Japan. From a Japanese Antique Dealer.


Length :230mm / 9 inch approximately
Width: 55mm / 2 inches approximately
Height: 55mm / 2 inch approximately

Unpacked Weight:
260g/ 0.6lb approximately

Carefully packaged and shipped tracked and signed insured.

24-karaats goud verguld hout
Eind 20e eeuw
Regio / land van herkomst
Titel kunstwerk
Parinirvana/Daihatsu Nehan 大般涅槃Buddha - 24k Gold Gilt Laquer Sandlewood -
Goede staat, zie beschrijving
55×55×230 mm
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