Van De Voorde (1878-1964) - Slinger / Sculptuur Vrouw Panther Art Deco en Vazen

Van De Voorde (1878-1964) - Slinger / Sculptuur Vrouw Panther Art Deco en Vazen
Frankrijk - 1920-1949 - Verguld brons / gietijzer / marmer

Exceptional fireplace trim (or other) ART DECO period: " SEDUCTION " - signed: VAN DE VOORDE - consists of a clock and two vases - made of art cast (variety of high quality babbitt metal) with a bronze, gold and silver patina - The feet are made of gilt bronze - On marble base, with in front, a green and black checkered , white Portor and white/cream marble.

An extraordinary grandiose presence: admire whole-souled this scene with fascinating beauty - look at this beautiful young woman in a very elegant toilet, half lying nonchalantly, in a very choreographic pose revealing splendid legs, playing with a young panther, letting him nibble the tip of his scarf.

Excellent quality chiselling for a warm and luminous patina. You too will be seduced by this incredible spectacular creation, of a majestic sumptuousness. Do not let it go: not easy to find, very rare.

Complete clock, with key, pendulum and original bell, works perfectly, sounds the hours and the halves. It comes with two dazzling Medici vases, carved with birds and fruit.

Signed: VAN DE VOORDE in metal - Old creation, Art Deco period -1920/1930 - in mint condition.

GEORGES-ABEL VAN DE VOORDE: born in 1878 in Kortrijk, Belgium and died in 1964 in Anderlecht. Sculptor and medallist - He was the pupil of Constant Devreese and Julien Dillens. He helped Victor Rousseau and worked for seven years in his Studio - He later became President of an Art Academy - He got the second prize Godecharle in 1905 and participated in numerous international exhibitions. He sculpted several important monuments, a. o., a sculpture in memory of the war in Brussels, the sculpture of Pieter Coutereel in Louvans and a monument in white stone of St. John Nepomucenus which was his last work in his hometown, Kortrijk. He made many celebrity busts that can be seen everywhere in Belgium, and loved to devote himself occasionally to themes such as old age. He worked with many components such as iv., terracotta, stone, wood, babbitt metal and bronze. Excellent international ranking.



-Length: 52 cm

- Width: 15 cm

- Height: 30 cm

Weight: 12 kg


-Length: 15 cm

- Width: 12 cm

- Height: 33 cm.

Weight: 3 kg x 2.

Neat sending in two packages with tracking and insurance worldwide

Slinger / Sculptuur Vrouw Panther Art Deco en Vazen
Verguld brons / gietijzer / marmer
Ontwerper / Kunstenaar
Van De Voorde (1878-1964)
Model / Naam
Art Deco
Geschatte periode
Land van herkomst
Uitstekende staat - nauwelijks gebruikt met minimale gebruikssporen en tekenen van ouderdom
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