Anatomie, Poster (6) - Hout, Linnen

Anatomie, Poster (6) - Hout, Linnen
Nederland - Begin 20e eeuw

Complete series anatomical wall prints: ca. 1920 by Prof. Dr. J.A.J. Barge, The Netherlands

Specifications per print:
I. Skeleton: good condition
II. Muscles: good condition
III. Blood vessels: original wood replaced by black wood
IV. Nerves: good condition, small stains upper side which don't spoil the drawing
V. Spine, circulatory system, eye and skin: good condition
VI. Nasal and oral cavity, throat, digestive system and lungs: good condition

About Prof. Dr. J.A.J. Barge (1884-1952):
Studied Medicine in Amsterdam and became professor in Anatomy and Embryology in Leiden in 1919, where he also would become Rector Magnificus. He continued his lectures during wartime, passing on his aversion to National Socialism. He designed the posters commisioned by the national first aid organisation in The Netherlands around the twenties of the past century.

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