Gewoonte van Dozo (1) - Katoen - Senoufo - Ivoorkust

Gewoonte van Dozo (1) - Katoen - Senoufo - Ivoorkust
Goede staat, gebruikt met enige tekenen van slijtage

Among the Mandingo, especially the Bambara and the Malinke, as well as among related groups: the Bobo or Bwa, the Senufo and the Bantu of central Africa, these hunters’ confraternities were very deep-rooted.

Often recruited among the nobles, dignitaries and especially among warrior classes, the members of these confraternities played a very important role in the society. However, they only had very little influence on political decisions, which were the affairs of leaders, royalty.

Initiation was the first stage to join a hunters’ confraternity. Young teenagers were often sent to integrate such confraternities, since these were considered as a school of life. Their structure, unlike for others, is not based on inheritances.

Hunters’ confraternities, very supportive of each other, are closely related to forgers, who often belong to a cast in African societies.

The Dozos are supposed to be entrusted with secular mythical knowledge. They would recognise (and chase away) evil spirits, would be invulnerable to bullets, would have the ability to transform themselves into a lion, etc... Nowadays, many of them still play the role of healer.

Totaal aantal items
Gewoonte van Dozo
Etnische groep / cultuur
Regio / land
Goede staat, gebruikt met enige tekenen van slijtage
Verkocht met standaard
0×44×71 cm
1546 g
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