Zilver - Hanger, Antieke Victoriaanse, zogenaamde Vlaamse hartset Diamant - GEEN RESERVEREN PRIJS

Zilver - Hanger, Antieke Victoriaanse, zogenaamde Vlaamse hartset Diamant - GEEN RESERVEREN PRIJS
Maat: height 6,33 cm (2,49 inch) - Totaal gewicht: 16.1 g

Type of jewel: Original antique Victorian pendant so-called Flemish Heart set with no less than 66 diamonds

Condition: very good

Country of origin: Most probably Belgium

Style: Victorian

Era: ca. 1850

Inspired by: Love and romance

Theme: heart

Material: Silver (touchstone tested)

Technique: The rose cuts are set on foil. This is a special technique that was used to bring the lustre of the diamonds to its best quality.

Extra information (01): Flemish Heart - The distinct devotion of the Flemish people for Madonna, well-spread especially in Antwerp, Belgium in the 18th and beginning of the 19th Century, seems to be the cause of the so-called Flemish Heart (or in Dutch: 'Vlaams Hart'). Given on Mothers day, it represents the crowned heart of Maria in a rosary. The 'wreath' of roses has in its center a loose hanging pendant set with the nicest biggest diamond of them all as 'the heart of Maria herself'. The custom of giving a Flemish Heart on mothers day has been vanished ever since. In Antwerp mothers day is celebrated at August 15th, the Maria celebration par excellence: Maria-Ascension-Day. Everywhere else in the world mothers day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May. The initiative of the American President Wilson in 1914 to proclaim the second Sunday in May to be mothers day was soon followed by the rest of the world.

Extra information (02): is being offered without pictured chain

Diamond(s): 66 senaille and rose cut diamonds. A senaille is a simplified rose cut diamond, a small diamond chip with perhaps a few polished facets. We do not have the weight of these diamonds which is normal in our trade when it comes to senailles or rose cuts.

Before offering diamond jewellery for sale, Adin has all the diamonds screened by the IJGC - lab for whether they are natural or synthetic. All diamonds in this jewel are 100% guaranteed to be natural!

Birth and month stones: Diamond is the birthstone (or month stone) for April.

Hallmarks: a branch (master mark?)

Dimensions: height 6,33 cm (2,49 inch) - See picture with a ruler in cm and inches

Weight: 16,10 gram (10,35 dwt)

Adin reference Nº: 19298-0085

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Antieke Victoriaanse, zogenaamde Vlaamse hartset, Hanger
height 6,33 cm (2,49 inch)
Totaal gewicht
16,1 g
Zeer goede staat - een beetje gebruikt met kleine tekenen van slijtage
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