Nederland - Petrus Schenk - Extremely Rare, 1692 Copper engraved - Book of decorated firearms - Geweer, Musket, Pistool

Nederland - Petrus Schenk - Extremely Rare, 1692 Copper engraved - Book of decorated firearms - Geweer, Musket, Pistool
Zeer Goed - 1692

This is an extremely rare 17th C. beautifully copper-engraved decorative firearms pattern book by Petrus Schenk from 1692. There is only one other known example of this 17th C. book which exists in the Bibliotheque Nationale. Model books of this kind were used as examples by weapon engravers of the time.

Petrus Schenk (AKA Pieter Schenck) the Elder (December 26 1660 - 1711) was a very well known and highly collected Dutch print artist, reproductive engraver, mezzotinter, publisher, court engraver, globe maker, and map publisher active in Amsterdam and Leipzig in the latter half of the 17th century. Schenk was born in Elberfeld, Germany. He moved to Amsterdam in 1675, becoming the apprentice to Gerard Valk (Valck). In 1687, Schenk married Agatha Valk, Gerard Valk's sister and went into partnership with his brother-in-law under the imprint of 'Valk and Schenk'. Initially, they focused on maps and atlases, acquiring the map plates of Jan Jansson and Jodocus Hondius in 1694. Later, in 1701 they moved into the former Hondius offices where they began producing globes. Valk and Schenk quickly became known for producing the best globes in the Netherlands, a business on which they held a near monopoly for nearly 50 years.

During the seventeenth century, France had superseded Germany as the leading producer of both technically innovative and highly ornamental firearms. Louis XIII (reigned 1610-1643) was an avid collector of firearms and a patron of French gunsmiths. Official patronage continued to flourish through the reign of Louis XIV (ruled 1643-1715). As the effects of French art and culture spread to foreign courts, so, too, did French firearms and the ornamental style represented by Simonin. Pattern books of this type were used by practicing gunmakers and remained in use until they were worn out or replaced. Consequently, those few surviving copies are frequently incomplete or are composites of the remnants of various editions. However rare, they are important, being the prime source of information, along with surviving dated firearms, for tracing the evolution of luxury firearms from the late seventeenth through the eighteenth centuries.

This is a complete and wonderful copy in very good condition. The book has been rebound, however, it is not known when this happened.

Size 34.5 x 22.7 cm

Land van herkomst
Petrus Schenk
Extremely Rare, 1692 Copper engraved
Type wapen
Geweer, Musket, Pistool
Book of decorated firearms
Zeer Goed
Fabricage jaar
Totale lengte
100 mm
Loop/lemmet lengte
100 mm
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