Textiel (1) - Katoen - Akan - Ghana

Textiel (1) - Katoen - Akan - Ghana
Midden 20e eeuw - Goede staat, gebruikt met enige tekenen van slijtage

This wraparound skirt was crafted with cotton of high quality, which explains its weight, way heavier than the average, for this type of wraparound skirt.

The Kenté is an African textile made of cotton and silk, crafted with a traditional loom. According to the legend, two Ashanti brothers, Kurugu and Ameyaw, from the village of Bonwire in Ghana, were gone hunting an afternoon and came across a spider, spinning its web. They were so impressed by the beauty of its web, that they wanted to reproduced it. When they came home, they created the first Kenté textile, with black and white raffia fibres. The Ewe, locate the creation of the Kenté where they live, in the city of Agotime, and have pretty much the same legend.

Later on, dyes, created with plants came and complicate the colour palette of the Kenté.

However, the Kenté is not limited to the Ashanti and to the Ewe. It later spread to other Akan ethnic groups from Ghana and Ivory Coast.

Symbolics of motifs and colours.
The Kenté presents different geometric motifs, and traditionally, these motifs had a precise meaning, related to the history or beliefs of these peoples.

Also, the colours used represented a symbolic.

Black: maturity, spiritual energy.

Blue: peace, harmony, love.

Green: vegetation, harvest, growth, spiritual renewal.

Brown: colour of “Mother Earth”, associated to healing.

Pink: associated to the woman, essence of life.

Purple: associated to femininity.

Silver: serenity, purity, joy.

White: purification, sanctification.

Gold: royalty, high rank, glory, spiritual purity.

Yellow: preciousness, royalty, health, fertility.

Totaal aantal items
Etnische groep / cultuur
Regio / land
Midden 20e eeuw
Goede staat, gebruikt met enige tekenen van slijtage
Verkocht met standaard
0×115×188 cm
1130 g
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