lendendoek (1) - Katoen - Gurunshi - Burkina Faso

lendendoek (1) - Katoen - Gurunshi - Burkina Faso
Midden 20e eeuw - Goede staat, gebruikt met enige tekenen van slijtage

Wraparound Skirt traditionally handwoven
We can sometimes note traces of wear, bands which are partially unstitched, and tints which slightly faded off over the years.

However, the offered wraparound skirts have been selected one by one, with much care and attention.
The pictures are part of the description.

The Gurunsi ethnic group is composed of several groups, including the Kassena and the Nankana (who populate the relevant region).
Still very attached to their culture and animism, the Gurunsi (and mainly the Kassena) had to protect themselves from the invader at all times, which explains their remarkable and efficient architecture. The Gurunsi or Gourounsi, are a people from Burkina Faso composed of several subgroups. According to Dr. Salif Titamba Lankoande (specialist in family names (Patronymics) in Burkina Faso), the word Gurunsi would come from the deformation of the term Guru-si, which means “the iron does not penetrate” in the Djerma language in Niger. During the invasion of the Gurunsi by the Djerma who came from Niger, around 1860-1899, led by Babatu who had recruited into his army a battalion of young strong men from the annexed country, he had them consume traditional medicine, making them invulnerable to iron; they were named Guru-si, transformed into “Gurunsi” by the common language.

Totaal aantal items
Etnische groep / cultuur
Regio / land
Burkina Faso
Midden 20e eeuw
Goede staat, gebruikt met enige tekenen van slijtage
Verkocht met standaard
0×110×137 cm
362 g
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