Elvis Presley - Inside Elvis by Ed Parker - Beperkte oplage, Boek - 1978/1978

Elvis Presley - Inside Elvis by Ed Parker - Beperkte oplage, Boek - 1978/1978
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Limited First Edition

In reality, very few people really did know Elvis. Ed, often referred to by Elvis, as "my second daddy" was such a person. As the fierce-eyed, silver-streaked Kenpo combatant stepped forward in 1978, he resolved to tell his story. Ed was the man Elvis chose as his strong right arm, a true brother, friend, confidant, as well as Elvis' protective companion. Ed had enjoyed seventeen years of close, personal association with Elvis Presley. Frequently traveling together, Ed observed, listened, and understood as they shared their personal confidences and innermost feelings with one another. He had a wealth of insights and anecdotes about his close friend and was determined to share those insights in an incredible backstage look at one of the most famous men in the world--a man millions admired, thousands worshipped, but only a handful knew or understood. Still in a state of grief, he wrote of the loss of his "friend" Elvis; and shared insights into the King's on stage genius, his lifestyle, generosity, views on religion and life as well as his inner thoughts. He was deeply impressed by Elvis' character, charisma, loyalty, intellect, organizational skills and above all, his humility. Many years earlier, Elvis, had nicknamed Ed, "Kahuna" (a Hawaiian word meaning high priest). Now Elvis' "Kahuna" had an opportunity to write from the heart, capturing many of the Christ-like characteristics Elvis exhibited, through his simple faith and unselfish caring. As a result of this interesting, intimate, insightful work.

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Elvis Presley
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Inside Elvis by Ed Parker
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Beperkte oplage, Boek
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Very Good Plus (VG+)
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