1912 Blanco Brillante, Federico Paternina - Rioja Reserva - 1 Fles (0.75L)

1912 Blanco Brillante, Federico Paternina - Rioja Reserva - 1 Fles (0.75L)
Witte wijn - Spanje

Wine bought of a retired wine distributor from Haro, La Rioja, in 2015.
Stored in private cellar up to today.

This is one of the oldest and rarest wines ever produced in Spain. Extremely rare. Not much more information is available.

It's supposed to be aged in cask from 1912 to mid-40's, about 30 years. It was produced only in the very best vintages during the first quarter of the 20th century by Federico Paternina winery in conjunction with Bodegas Franco-Españolas. The seal of Rioja was not printed in the label. It means that this bottle is a pre-Rioja wine: before the creation of the Regulatory Council Rioja and the Denomination of Origin region in 1925.

The wine was bottled from 1945 to 1950. Capsule and wire were added just before leaving the bodega (probably the 1990's).

Only Paternina winery, Viña Tondonia and Marqués de Murrieta had experience and knowledge of how to produce such a long barrel-ageing wine inspired in the 19th-century Médoc wines. It can only be compared to a very old Castillo Ygay Blanco Gran Reserva from the first quarter of the 20th century. A real jewel!!

*** Shipment made with special wine box certified by UPS and DHL.

Witte wijn
Producent, wijnnaam
Blanco Brillante, Federico Paternina
Aantal flessen
Fles (0.75L)
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