Beeld (1) - Goud, Hout, Lak - Japan - Midden Edo periode

Beeld (1) - Goud, Hout, Lak - Japan - Midden Edo periode
Redelijke staat (gerestaureerd), zie beschrijving - 30×11×9 cm

Magnificent 30 cm tall wooden statue of Bosatsu from the Edo period (early 18th century), lacquered and finished in gold.

Shown standing on a double base, designed separately.
He features a beautifully sculpted head and leans slightly forward on his knees while keeping his hands folded in front of his chest, which must have originally held a lotus.
His extremely fine crafted face look absolutely serene. Sculpture of superior wood craftsmanship, the details reveal the truth.
Hair styled in a bun held by a tall headdress.
Collector's item of very high quality.

Sculpture acquired in a large auction house in Paris.
Genuine piece from the 18th century.

Breakage, missing ends (hands), crack, missing lacquer and gold. The mandorla has been repaired.
Item of nearly or more than 300 years old.
Fair condition.

Totaal aantal artikelen
Goud, Hout, Lak
Midden Edo periode
Regio / land van herkomst
Redelijke staat (gerestaureerd), zie beschrijving
30×11×9 cm
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