Een groot Japans zwart harnas (ōyoroi) - Gelakt metaal - Samurai - Japan - Mid Showa

Een groot Japans zwart harnas (ōyoroi) - Gelakt metaal - Samurai - Japan - Mid Showa
Zeer goede staat, zie beschrijving - 170×55×52 cm

A large Japanese black suit-of-armour (ōyoroi) with vermillion cords and an indigo hem (kuro'urushinuri hiito konsuso odoshi yoroi).

A ten-plate hoshi-suji kabuto helmet with a broad neckguard (shikoro) and very large back bending fukikaeshi. The fukikaeshi and vizor (mabizashi) are decorated with so-called “smoked leather”. The helmet has at the back a vermillion tassel and in front two tall connected kuwagata-antlers. Between the antlers a small messing maedate with above the eighteenth petal chrysanthemum crest and below a flower crest (maru ni kenkatabami mon, the crest of the Sakai-clan of the Wakasa Obama Fief).

Large seven-piece sode with cords protect the sholders. A black “angry old man” facial mask with separate noose piece and a black moustache (resseibō). From the mask hangs a four-piece gorget (nodowa) with vermillion cords. The kote that protect the arms and hands consists of vertical metal plates and Japanese mail over light coulored brocate with chrysanthemum motive. A two-piece cuirass with in front above munatori laced with vermillion cords and two tassels and below vertical laced black horizontal itazane plates. The border of the cuirass is decorated with “smoked leather”. From the cuirass hangs a kusazuri-skirt consisting of six five-piece parts (rokumagodan). The upper part of the itazane are gilded. Large haidate with laced itazane metal strips over chrysanthemum motive brocate protect the hips and upper legs. The lower legs are protected by tube-shaped laced five-piece black metal plates (dōsuneate). With a brocate waistband. In a black box for a suit-of-armour (yoroibako). Showa Period.

Including stand

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Een groot Japans zwart harnas (ōyoroi)
Gelakt metaal
Mid Showa
Regio / land van herkomst
Zeer goede staat, zie beschrijving
170×55×52 cm
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